Do you want to boost your life?

Meet Boosters & acquire new knowledge online.

Boost is a Swiss startup located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Our mission is to help people boost their lives by acquiring new knowledge from inspiring individuals we call Boosters.

We currently collaborate with boosters based in Switzerland and who can help you with:

Entrepreneurship (Startup, Social)
Music (Theory, guitar)
Lifestyle (Cooking, fashion, travel)
Creative (Design, Photography)

We wish you an inspiring journey of knowledge.


We collaborate with inspiring individuals. We select Boosters based on their talent, experience, achievements, coaching skills, interests, ethics and personality.

Boost Mission

The mission of a Booster is to help our community acquire new knowledge. We guide Boosters to offer an exciting learning programme.

The Journey

To boost your life, you will spend money on cooler things (courses, material, travel,...). Boosters advise on good deals based on their journey.

Let's Talk, Booster!

Contact us via social media (see below) to discuss your interest in becoming a Booster.

The mission of a Booster is to help others acquire new knowledge.

"Knowledge deserves the utmost respect."

Examples on the right open selected programmes fromĀ  BoostMan in web format.

Structure & inspiration

We facilitate the process to ensure Boosters offer a structured programme that will inspire you to learn.

We love feedback

We assist Boosters to improve their programme based on the feedback of our community.

Telling the story

We campaign for Boosters to reach new opportunities through our network & social media influencers. We respect their story, style, brand & values.

BoostMan app

BoostMan is not only the place to meet Boosters but also a free mobile budgeting tool (see below).

BoostMan is also a FREE mobile app for tracking our budget real-time.

Healthy Money on the go

BoostMan recommends tracking your expenses on the go & save money for new things. Click the icon for the TUTORIAL.

Boosters' Budget

Boosters can create a public budget to advise their audience how much money to spend money along their journey.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Security & Compliance

Your data is confidential. Click the icon to export it (for admin, accounting & financial plans) from our private encrypted cloud. We are GDPR compliant.

Boost Badge

BoostMan awards encouraging advice and badges based on your budget control.

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This video showcases some of the benefits of the Swiss Made BoostMan app.