Do you want to make a bigger impact?

Like our logo, the BoostMan app supports project owners (Boosters) on their journey to help those in need.

Boost Ltd is a Swiss company located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Our mission is to help Boosters (social entrepreneurs, NGOs, associations) make a bigger impact with their projects.

We create and manage digital content for our Boosters in BoostMan and engage followers on social media by telling their story.

BOOSTMAN is unique! It rewards our efforts with a boost badge…

"The Boost team is passionate, reliable, organised, innovative & expert in digital."

Are you a BOOSTER?

We'd like to hear from you if you're running a project as a social entrepreneur, an NGO or an association.


Boost Ltd requires its partners to sign a contract that protects our respective brands and responsibilities.


Our digital experts create and manage engaging media & stories about our Booster's projects.


This content is featured in our BOOSTMAN app (see examples below) and on social media.

We create and manage the content for Booster’s projects in the BOOSTMAN app.

"Making a positive impact deserves the utmost respect!"

The examples to the right open Boost Projects from the BoostMan app in web format.

Boost Badges

BoostMan rewards our project efforts with a badge based on ENGAGEMENT, TRUST and IMPACT.‚Äč


We create digital content that is aligned to the values of our Boosters and their beneficiaries.

Social Media

Our social media experts post stories to reach out for greater engagement.


We raise funds for our Boosters removing the disadvantages of crowdfunding platforms.

BoostMan is also a mobile app for budgeting on the go!


Click the 'piggy bank' icon to see the budgeting features of BoostMan.

Save time

Track expenses on the go. For private & professional use.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Expense Reports

Click the 'double arrows' icon to export your data from BoostMan's private cloud. Use it for your accounting & financial forecasts.


BoostMan awards encouraging advice and badges depending on how you spend your budget.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey via our @Boostalife Facebook page.

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This video showcases some of the benefits of the BoostMan app.

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