Do you want to boost your business?

We guide you through the 5 dimensions of the ‘journey of a Booster’ with the help of the BoostMan app.

Boost Ltd is a Swiss company located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs boost their business by guiding them through the 5 dimensions of the ‘journey of a Booster’ supported by the BoostMan app.

5 dimensions of the ‘journey of a booster’:

BoostMan App

We wish you an inspiring journey of innovation.

Are you a Booster?

We start the journey by getting to know you as a leader and sharing our method for helping you boost your business.

innovation Project

You will need to run an innovation project to improve your business. We facilitate the scoping, goal setting, market research and idea validation for your project.


You need to adapt your budget plan in order to boost your business. See 'Boost Budget' section.


Find out why BoostMan, our secure mobile and web app, is recommended by successful entrepreneurs.

Dimension 3: Boosters run an innovation project to grow their business.

"Innovating deserves the utmost respect."

Examples on the right open selected Boost Projects from the BoostMan app in web format.


We facilitate the innovation process by helping Boosters better define the scope of their project.

Love your customers

We help you research your market, summarize insights and test amazing new ideas with your audience.

We Tell your story

We campaign for Boosters to reach new opportunities through our network & social media influencers. We respect your story, style, brand & values.

Let's talk

Click the icon to contact us about transforming your business.

Dimension 4: BoostMan is a FREE mobile app for real-time budgeting.

BUDGET re-allocation

Adapt your budget to run your project & innovate your business. Click the icon for BoostMan's Budget TUTORIAL.

Real-time money

Build trust and credibility with project sponsors by showing your budgeted & actual project expenses real-time.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Security & Compliance

Click the icon to export your data (for admin, accounting & financial plans) from our private encrypted cloud. We are GDPR compliant.

Boost Badge

BoostMan awards encouraging advice and badges based on your budget control.

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This video showcases some of the benefits of the Swiss Made BoostMan app.