Do you wish to live your dream?

Just like our logo, we believe that to live our dream we must embark on a journey with the goal of making an impact.

Boost Ltd is a Swiss company located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Our mission is to help stakeholders in the ‘Social Silicon Valley’ to boost their impact thanks to our methodologies of management¬† :

#STRATEGY & PRoject planning
#Budget control & invoicing

We define a project with our partners in order to help them implement structured and efficient systems of management.

"The Boost team helped us sort things out by listening, and with precision and humour."

Day 1 Focus

At the start of our journey, we meet to discuss the scope of your project in order to align on the same goals.

Finance, Marketing & IT

Our partners respect our knowledge in these critical areas.


... speaks louder than words. We translate project objectives into measurable steps, and we facilitate their implementation.

Boost Projects

Projects are featured in the BoostMan app so they may inspire others on their journey.

Our BoostMan app helps projects owners be visible by taking digital actions.

"Innovating to make an impact deserves the utmost respect!"

The examples to the right open actions from the BoostMan app in web format.

Golden nuggets

We dig into the heart of your project to extract golden insights to experiment with.


We ensure that your actions add value to your beneficiaries.

e-commerce & Marketing

Benefit from our experience of running campaigns on social media.


The BoostMan app enables you to raise funds without the disadvantages of crowdfunding platforms.

BoostMan is also a mobile app for budgeting on the go!


Click the 'piggy bank' icon to see the budgeting features of BoostMan.

Save time

Track expenses on the go. For private & professional use.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Expense Reports

Click the 'double arrows' icon to export your data from BoostMan's private cloud. Use it for your accounting & financial forecasts.

Project Budget

Receive BoostMan badges according to your progress with project budgets.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey via our @Boostalife Facebook page.

Connect with David, founder & CEO of Boost on LinkedIn.

This video showcases some of the benefits of the BoostMan app.

Get Boosted, Stay Boosted.