Do you want to boost your life?

We guide you through the 9 dimensions of the ‘journey of a Booster’ with the help of the BoostMan app.

Boost Ltd is a Swiss company located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Our mission is to help people boost their lives. We guide people through the 9 dimensions of the ‘journey of a Booster’ supported by the BoostMan app.

9 dimensions of the ‘journey of a booster’:

Do I want to Boost my life?
Research & turn the key
Budgeting: Savings & Projects
Engage with Boosters
Am I a Booster?
Real-time project budget & expenses
I boost others
The journey continues

We wish you an inspiring journey of self-discovery.

Dimensions 1 to 5

The first 5 dimensions require that you review your life goals & discover the BoostMan app (see Boost Budget & Boost Projects sections).

The 6th dimension - Are you a BOOSTER?

Becoming a Booster means that you have a project that we can promote in BoostMan.

Web objective in BOOSTMAN

We help you define a smart web marketing objective for your project and configure it in BoostMan. Examples include site traffic, conversions (downloads, leads, purchases, donations, surveys, courses, events,...), social engagement,...

We share your story

We create the content for you in the app. We respect your story, style, brand & values. We help you reach your audience through our network & channels. See examples below.

We create a web objective for Booster’s projects in the BOOSTMAN app.

"Dimension 6: We help to boost project goals online."

The examples on the right open selected Boost Projects from the BoostMan app in web format.

Golden Objective without effort

We help Boosters define and configure an engaging web objective based on the project value you bring to market. Without you having to change your website.

Target Audience

Your project is promoted to our respective audiences.

Our Channels

We engage our network & campaign on the best social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).


We advise Boosters how to analyze the results of their project objective.

Dimensions 4 & 7: BoostMan is a FREE mobile app for real-time budgeting.


You cannot boost your life if you don't know how to budget. Save time & money for better things on the go. Click the 'piggy bank' icon to see BoostMan's budgeting features (private & pro usage).

Real-time money

Dimension 7: Build trust and credibility with project stakeholders by linking budgeted & actual expenses to your boost project.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Secure Financial data

Click the 'double arrows' icon to export your data (for admin, accounting & financial plans) from our private encrypted cloud.

Boost Badge

BoostMan awards encouraging advice and badges based on your budget control.

We invite you to join us on the ‘journey of a Booster’ on Facebook & Instagram (the second Facebook logo below).

Connect with the founder of Boost Ltd on LinkedIn.

This video showcases some of the benefits of BoostMan’s budgeting features.

Get Boosted, Stay Boosted.