Wanna boost your life?

1. Respect your budget.
2. Save your money. Invest.
3. Live the dream!

We live in a society that drives us to always spend more.

Add a crisis and you can guaranteeĀ  a debt-full life.

You must have a balance between having pleasures now and respecting your budget.

How to do that?

The Boostman app on iPhone or Android is easy and fast to use.


To respect your budget and save money, you need a method, discipline and simple tool. Otherwise it will be very difficult.

Budget Coaching

Budgeting coaches support our financial mindset (explained below): 1) Respect your budget 2) Save money 3) Live your dreams

#1: Respect your budget

Whatever your situation and social status, your day-to-day and pleasure budgets must be respected. Don't waste. Avoid loans and debt.

BoostMan app

Boostman is designed for you and me. No need to be a finance pro. Track your budget from your pocket.

Respect your budget to save money and live your dreams.

Their stories are in the app...

Alix in the USA
Jack the trader
Diving in the Maldives
Flat in South of France

Boost advice

To help you, certain Boostman users (incl. Celebs) share their advice in the app.

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Tecchies corner

Boostman is a mobile app (iOS & Android) with https: features.

Plan the dream!

Research. Plan. Anticipate. Do more with less. Your dream could be close...

BoostMan motivates you to live your dreams on the go.

#2: Save money

Respect your budget to save money. The app is designed for that.

#3: Live the dream

Whatever your dream (travel, property,...), set your goal and follow your expenses before, during and after your dream.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Security & Compliance

Your data is strictly confidential. Click the icon to export your data from our private cloud. We are GDPR compliant.

Get Boosted!

Now that you know the method and the app, you only need to focus and use them to boost your life.

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This video showcases other benefits of the app.