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To boost your life you need to invest in your dreams.

Most people don’t know that investing is a personal money plan, an ongoing process which you will learn here with simple steps.

To inspire you on your journey to live your dreams, BoostMan also features dreams lived & shared by some of our users whom we all boosters.

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Invest in your dreams

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Boosters are users (private or business) who have lived their dream and wish to inspire others by sharing it in BoostMan.

What is a dream?

A dream is a project you'd like to do (e.g. travel, business, learn a language,...), a product you'd like to buy or in these economic-challenging times simply a savings objective.


The BoostMan features Boosters & their dreams. We help Boosters share their story (i.e. writing, photos, translations, blogs,...) so that they may inspire others on their journey.

Investing in your dreams requires understanding your situation and creating a savings strategy to fill any gaps in your budget.

"Investing is a personal money plan."

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BoostMan's method has 4 steps / exercises, which are also explained below. You can also use pen & paper. Most important, HAVE FUN 🙂

Step 1: Your situation

Create a DATED list of personal info (e.g. anniversaries, assets, income, debts, big expenses, other events). This helps to see your obligations, interests & constraints.

Step 2: dream goals

Make a list of 5-20 goals, with dates that fit to your situation (step 1). Then for each goal 1) estimate the budget amount you need 2) outline your savings strategy (e.g. when/where will the money come from, etc). Be realistic & identify any gaps.

BoostMan app

You're now ready to use the BoostMan app for steps 3&4. See below how the app coaches you to save money towards reaching your dream goals...

How BoostMan coaches you to boost your life & live the dream on the go.

Step 3: Track your savings

1) Create a 'budget' for each dream (in previous step), with dates & budget amount. 2) Track the savings amount for each goal.

Step 4: Control expenses

The last step is for people who like to control their money. 1) Refine the budget amount for each goal by researching the detailed costs & creating Expenses with 'planned' status (e.g. flights, hotels, food & drink,...). 2) Set the expenses to 'completed' & snapshot receipts as you spend the money. 3) You can also use the app to track other expenses (routines, business, healthcare, cash,...).

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Security & Compliance

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BoostMan is a coaching app because in today's world we need encouragement to save money; it gives advice & awards badges for dream-investing heroes 😉

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