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To boost your life, you need a simple method and tool. Otherwise it's tough.

The Boost method

The 3 steps of the method are explained below: 1) Set a dream goal 2) Save money 3) Control the budget

Step 1: Dream Goal

Your goal is your ambition. You can have many. Set a date. Estimate your budget. Make a savings plan (e.g. 10 dollars/day). Is it realistic?

BoostMan app

See the Budget section below for steps 2&3. It's done in 5 minutes in BoostMan.

BOOSTERS SHARE THEIR stories IN the app TO motivate us to reach our dreams.

"Boostin' is a personal money plan."

Get boosted with some examples from the app.

gold trading
villa in caribbean
Resort in Maldives
Trading forex
Charter your yacht
Retire by the sea
Rent luxury cars


Boosters are celebrities who use the app to reach their goals and share their story.

we want you to succeed

BoostMan and Boosters want you to live your dreams. They sometimes offer pro advice.


#tags make it easy to find your fav' Boosters.

Dream motivation!

Browse Boosters' stories to get motivated.

Life is short! BoostMan motivates you to live your dreams on the go.

Step 2: Save money

Step 1 asks you for a savings plan. Get into the habit of updating you savings in the app. Difficult? Find a solution, get boosted!

Step 3: Control Budget

A trip worth 2000 dollars? Google your research and create planned expenses in your goal. Easy to archive (pics of receipts, payment type, GPS,...).

BoostMan Private Cloud

Security & Compliance

Your data is strictly confidential. Click the icon to export your data (for admin, accounting) from our private encrypted cloud. We are GDPR compliant.

Get Boosted!

BoostMan et Boosters motivate you when you save since we all need dough to live our dreams 😉

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