Use the BoostMan app to live the @Boostalife dream :

Boosters travel the world, raise funds, promote sponsors, volunteer skills & blog as digital nomads… all within project budget!

The Boost Project module helps you :

  • Find & connect with an existing project owner.
  • Promote your project, raise funds & attract volunteers.

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Boost Project?

To boost your life, you need a project that inspires you. Either create your own or collaborate on an existing one.


Boost Funding

The Boost Funding module is used to raise funds for a Boost Project. Unlike crowd-funding platforms, there is no target to reach with BoostMan; every cent counts!


Boost Budget

The Boost Budget module helps Boosters manage their budget privately, and also allows bloggers to share budget expenses with their nomadic followers to boost their journey.


Tech Talk

BoostMan is both a mobile & a web app. A Boost Project shows brand, sponsors, links to website & social media, and integrates with the other modules...

Use the Boost Funding module to attach tailored fund-raising options to a Boost Project.

Making a donation comes from the heart and deserves the utmost respect.

Here are some examples of inspiring Boost Projects & their funding options…



BoostMan can be used for crowd-funding but there is no target to reach; every cent donated counts. We do not control how the money is spent & we take a small commission on donations.


We love our Donators

We thank your donators, who can sleep sound since credit card transactions are secured and traceable. Personal details are confidential and not shared or sold by Boost.


Digital Boost

Feature, share, tweet & message Boost Projects & Boost Funding options to reach more people interested in your work as a Booster 🙂



Build trust by being open. Share project news and use the Boost Budget module to show expenses related to the project.

Boosters use the Boost Budget module to stay within budget & to benefit followers.


Savings or projects?

Control the budget of a specific project or even use it to save money on day-to-day expenses.


Nomadic Budgeting

Plan & record expenses on the phone realtime on the go! Use the status, multi-currency, payment types, GoogelMaps & ratings. Attach pictures of events or invoices. Your data is secure & confidential.


Boost Followers' Budget

Although your budget is private, make some of it visible in a Boost Project to help your followers save time and money.


Unlock Time & Money

Boostman awards an encouraging badge & witty advice to keep us moving and within budget. Use the web export to work on your computer.

Live the @Boostalife dream !

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This video showcases a booster using BoostMan’s Budget module to track her expenses while shopping in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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