Do you want to boost your life & live the dream?

Let’s discover how BoostMan guides us on this journey…

Are you an entrepreneur or work for a non-profit, business or public sector organization?

Do you want to fulfill your clients’ needs and inspire them with your products & services?

"BoostMan guides me with wisdom & humour on my innovation journey."


Mission or Project?

BoostMan helps you refine the scope of your challenge, whether you want to focus on your overall mission or on a project. For FREE.


Digging for gold

We show you how to do your research and extract valuable insights.


Ideas to actions

Turn your insights into reality, validate your actions with your clients and improve.


Boostman values

Adapting to your needs, constraints and budget. Focusing on your clients. Doing our best with integrity & passion. Engaging your team. Having fun.


Boost Badge

BoostMan coaches your team to act, review performance and improve. Our disciplined approach makes every second count!


We love our Clents

Your clients are at the heart of BoostMan's methods. We help you understand their needs, obstacles and dreams according to your mission.


Digital Boost

Use the BoostMan app to promote, share, tweet & message your Mission & Actions.



BoostMan uses cutting-edge methods & tech to help you boost results.

The BoostMan app is also a travel budgeting tool because it saves us time.

It can be used to control & make visible project budgets.


Savings or projects?

Control the budget of a specific mission or even use it to save money on your day-to-day expenses.


Nomadic Budgeting

Plan & record expenses on the go! Use the status, multi-currency, payment types, GoogelMaps & ratings. Attach pictures of invoices. Your data is secure & confidential.



Although your budget is private, your can make some of it visible to others.


Unlock Time & Money

Boostman awards an encouraging badge & witty advice to keep us moving and within budget. Use the web export to work on your computer.

Live the dream !

BoostMan, BoostMission & Boostalife.

The BoostMan app is complemented by our BoostMission e-commerce site.

BoostMission enables mission owners to raise funds, send gifts, sponsor actions or sell products.

Boostalife is our community on social media. This 2017 video showcases an entrepreneur using BoostMan to track her budget during her free time.

Get Boosted, Stay Boosted.